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Getting an oil tank removed or installed can be a simple procedure or a complex task, depending on the project. We are asked questions about the process it all the time. Below are some of the most frequently asked questions we hear from our customers. We hope you’ll find them helpful and informative.

How do I know it is time to replace my tank?

A new high-tech oil storage tank can last for over three decades given proper maintenance, but there are several signs that an old tank is failing and needs to be replaced. An above ground tank might give off an odor or display visible wet spots if it is corroding from the inside out.
An underground tank might be leaking if you notice unusually fast rates of oil consumption. In either case, our expert consultants can confirm these signs of failure. Call us immediately if you have concerns or have not had your tank inspected in a while.

Are homeowners liable for a tank failure that contaminates
the soil?

According to the Massachusetts state government, if an individual’s homeowner’s insurance policy contains a “pollution exclusion” clause, which many do, that individual will be responsible for the cleanup bill. These bills can be quite expensive.

When my tank is removed, do you also remove the fill and vent
pipes that were attached?

Fill and vent pipe removal is part of the job for us and we bid the job accordingly. If the removal occurs from a concrete building, we use mortar cement to fill the holes that are left in the structure.

Do you also remove the underground supply line that runs from
the filter to the boiler?

If the line is above ground, it is removed. If the line is below ground, it is cut off at both ends and sealed with cement after the fuel is removed from the tank.

What happens to the oil that is removed from my tank?

We take the oil and recycle it. This is advantageous to the customer, because the money that the customer might receive for it would be a small fraction of what was originally paid for it; and handling and disposing of oil is not an easy task.

What happens to my old tank?

Your old tank is disposed of at a licensed steel recycling facility.

If I’m having an old tank removed and a new tank installed, how
long can I expect the entire process to take?

The day that you call for a consultation, you will be provided with a quote and we will set up an appointment for the next available work day. In most cases, we can remove the old tank and install the new one in one day.

After my new oil storage tank is installed, can the technicians from Tanks-A-Lot install the new service lines to my burner?

In most cases, our technicians can run new service lines to your burner or boiler. If the project happens to be outside our area of expertise, we can recommend a reputable, licensed contractor to provide you service.

I’m thinking of switching to natural gas. Are there good reasons for sticking with heating oil instead of converting?

With today’s advancements in technology, an updated burner and tank system can be up to 95% efficient. If upgrading your oil burning system is less expensive than converting to natural gas, you might want to consider staying with heating oil.

If I decide to convert from heating oil to natural gas, will
Tanks-A-Lot still remove my old storage tank?

Of course! Regardless of your fuel preference, we respect your right as a homeowner to make the best choice for your household and your family. We will gladly remove your old storage tank as well as provide any other service that we can offer you as our appreciated customer.

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